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Underwater Torches 101 : Choosing the Right Kind of Light for your Dive

The Deeper you go, the darker it gets. That’s how it is in scuba diving. But even if you’re diving a shallow reef during the day, there might be instances wherein you’ll wish you had something handy to illuminate a dark patch or crevice during your dive. An underwater torch (or dive light) is usually … Continued

Recommended Freediving Equipment

Long before scuba equipment were made, humans have been stepping out of their element and diving into the water by freediving. Ancient people dived without any mechanical apparatus for breathing to harvest food and valuable items. The earliest written record that mentioned the use of freediving could be found in Greece, where the ancient Greeks … Continued

The Aquamundo Sport Dive Watch

With its experience in water sports, especially scuba diving, Aquamundo has produced many products for both local and foreign divers looking for tough, practical, and competitively-priced diving equipment. This year, Aquamundo will be expanding the range of products that it will be offering to its customers with the addition of the Aquamundo Sport Dive Watch. … Continued

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Side Mount Scuba Diving

“Side Mount” (sometimes written “sidemount”) is a scuba equipment configuration that has been steadily growing in popularity among divers in recent years. Instead of the usual configuration wherein your cylinder is propped behind your back, side mounts, as the name implies, place your cylinders to your sides. Side Mounts used to be confined among cave … Continued

Panglao Island Scuba Diving and the International Dive Fiesta

The International Dive Fiesta will be held in Panglao Island tomorrow and it’s going to be a big event where divers can check out the latest gear, talk with fellow dive enthusiasts, and watch or participate in special diving events. For those who haven’t been to the place yet, or plan on doing so in … Continued

The Spartan III Gear Review

There are many different kinds of Buoyancy Control Devices (BCD). There are jacket type BCDs, back-inflated BCDs and backplate-harness type systems used for technical diving. Then there are the most often used and abused BCDs of all – the resort rental BCD. Day in and day out these BCDs take the daily pounding of diving … Continued

Gear Review – Ventec Fins

There are fin designs that come and go. And there are some that have stood the test of time. Some designs are simple, and some are novel. And then there are some designs that don’t change because there is no need to. The Aquamundo Ventec is one such design. Used by dive professionals and paramilitary … Continued

Gear Review – Wave Cutter Fins

When I first started scuba diving, the first pair of fins I ever bought was Aquamundo Wave Cutters. That was years ago. My instructor told me “These things are great! The V-pocket forms a channel that forces water on the blade!” I had no idea what that meant, but the fins looked good and I … Continued