Gear Review – Ventec Fins

There are fin designs that come and go. And there are some that have stood the test of time. Some designs are simple, and some are novel. And then there are some designs that don’t change because there is no need to. The Aquamundo Ventec is one such design. Used by dive professionals and paramilitary organizations for decades, the vented fin design delivers forceful fin strokes that provide power to fight stiff currents but provides very little resistance on the return stroke, giving your muscles a slight rest each time. This makes it ideal for prolonged use with all manner of kicking styles. The all-rubber construction adds another dimension to the word “durable”. I’ve heard of these types of fins being passed on from father to son. How’s that for “timeless classic”? The one drawback with the old models, was its one concession to durability, it’s weight. The fins seemed to get heavier the longer you used it. Those were the older models using older materials. Technology is a wonderful thing. The new Ventec fins make use of a new mold injected, lightweight rubber compound that reduces its weight without sacrificing durability. Now you can enjoy all the benefits of this classic fin and continue this legacy of style and durability, in total comfort.

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