Gear Review – Wave Cutter Fins

When I first started scuba diving, the first pair of fins I ever bought was Aquamundo Wave Cutters. That was years ago. My instructor told me “These things are great! The V-pocket forms a channel that forces water on the blade!” I had no idea what that meant, but the fins looked good and I trusted my instructor (as a newly minted open water diver, those were the only things that mattered). As I gained more diving knowledge and experience, I started to understand what he meant. I grew accustomed to the Wave Cutter’s power combined with its easy kicking efficiency. The fin is constructed with a composite of high-impact ABS plastic and mold-injected rubber, giving it a combination of strength and flexibility. This is where the Wave Cutter draws its power.

Surrounded by ABS composite material is a V-shaped channel of flexible rubber that runs down the center of the blade. As force is applied, the channel bends, forming a scoop that pushes more water on the face of the fin blade. The more water the blade pushes, the faster you move through the water. Simple enough.

Through the years I’ve used other brands of fins. I always end up comparing them to my trusty Wave Cutters. Some models share the same configuration, having channels along the face of the blade, but results vary. Some are as comfortable but I don’t seem to feel myself moving as fast. Some models seem to give me as much power but they feel stiff and my calves end up cramping after a long swim against a current. I feel that the Wave Cutter is a well-balanced fin that is both comfortable and powerful when needed.

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